Resonate Relationship Clinic

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Your marriage is important. Yet no matter how much you and your spouse love each other, there are a number of issues and obstacles every couple will encounter. Whether you discover differences in the ways each of you communicate, how you express affection, or how past wounds affect one’s current outlook, marriage requires connection.


How it works

Each month, you and your spouse will join licensed marriage and family therapists like Grant Wood & Shawna Shaw or BJ & Vanja Thompson on a journey of education, evaluation, and communication.


1. Read & Reflect

2. Watch

3. Discuss

Designed to be completed in under 60 minutes, but with benefits built to last a lifetime, each month’s topic will guide you and your spouse through individual readings and video content to watch and discuss as a couple.

Set aside an hour a month, brew a pot of coffee, and prepare to enrich your relationship.


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