The Millennial Way of Life--(download)

The Millennial Way of Life--(download)

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Born between 1980 and 2000, members of the Millennial generation compose more than a fourth of the US population. Through their growing numbers and increasing influence via technology and other avenues, Millennials’ beliefs significantly impact our culture, church, and faith, yet many church leaders struggle to understand their point of view. As a result, integrating Millennials into a dynamic, growing community that meets their needs is a challenge faced by most churches today. 

This eBook provides important insights about Millennial values and the key behaviors of Millennial life, helping your church develop effective strategies to reach them.

You will learn:

  • Factors and characteristics that make Millennials who they are, including why they are different from previous generations, their primary approach to life, and practical ideas and solutions to engage them. 
  • Seven key behaviors of a Millennial life, including how these dynamics can be applied to best reach them.   
  • Several reasons why there are more empty seats in churches than ever before. You’ll also learn how to use innovative and effective marketing strategies and other ways to attract Millennials.
  • Five key factors to reach people living the millennial way of life. These factors will help you keep Millennials engaged and contributing to your church’s mission.

Although reaching out to members of another generation with different behaviors and values may seem intimidating, you can learn how to engage with them by learning about what they value and how this plays out in the characteristics of their lives. Engaging them in the church helps them develop their own spiritual life and take part in the larger mission of the church as they also reach out to others, furthering the mission of the local church and the church universal.

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