The Big Picture: Six Segments of Millennials--(download)

The Big Picture: Six Segments of Millennials--(download)

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Made up of people born between early 1980s and the early 2000s, the Millennial generation is often put into a box, defined by sociologists with wide sweeping generalizations, labels and characteristics.  But not all Millennials are the same. With varied interests, attitudes, expectations, worldviews and outlooks, neither are they on the same spiritual wavelength.

With fewer and fewer Millennials even considering darkening the door of the church, pastors and church leaders are frantically trying to catch up to them by reading books, visiting blogs, rummaging around Google searches and attending workshops and conferences to figure out the most effective ways to reach them.  Many church leaders and pastors, however, are making the same mistake as they try to reach Millennials by applying a one-size fits all strategy.  But what Millennials need is a one-size fits one approach.  
This is a generation that is extremely diverse. If church leaders and pastors want to reach Millennials, they will have to understand their unique audiences and break those audiences into digestible segments to effectively reach them.

This eBook is designed to help you delve deeper into the millennial way of life.  You will learn about six core segments of Millennials, including:

  • Up & Comers
  • Global Givers
  • Traditionalists
  • Nostalgics
  • Skeptics
  • Trendsetters

A deep look into the six segments will help you develop customized strategies to reach Millennials in a new and inspiring way.  By the end of this eBook, you will not only have the ability to better understand the Millennials in your church and community and the six segments of Millennials throughout North America, you will also have dozens of practical ideas in which to begin weaving a new story of faith and culture that leads to a healthy, sustainable ministry to Millennials.  

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