Millennials and Mentoring--(download)

Millennials and Mentoring--(download)

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How do you mentor a millennial? Surveys show that mentoring is very important to Millennials, but traditional ways of mentoring are just not as effective as they were for previous generations. In fact, mentoring a Millennial can be a challenging endeavor for a leader.

  • After reading this eBook, you will have more tools to mentor Millennials. You’ll learn about:
  • What benefits Millennials want from mentoring
  • Ways that these benefits change the practice of mentoring
  • Effective ways to engage with Millennials through mentoring
  • Evaluation exercises that ask you to rate how well you’re currently living out the traits.
  • Ways to adapt, adjust, or create sustainable and effective practices for mentoring Millennials within your leadership context.

This eBook will provide you with the essential insights regarding how Millennials view mentoring and why they consider it to be a very important part of their life. Successful mentoring requires understanding the mindset of Millennials. When you do, you will be able to more easily offer individual mentoring as well as create a culture where mentoring Millennials is a high priority. Through this process, you can connect with and influence those who are impacting the church today and will continue to impact the church in the years to come.

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